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be Autodidakt, habs never correctly. learnt, tentacle from Examples and try To understand. it comes too with plenty trouble something funktionierendes out. The

right Breakthrough is not yet geschafft, because too Time missing. need always urgently aide into Forums, The time my think anstupsen.

Hello Profaner,

now would like I me too too times the Time take, here couple Lines over me loszuwerden. my name is Andreas Kramp. i'm in this momentum 32 years old and lebe abwechslend in Bonn with my woman, or in Pirmasens with my work

Hello Profan-Friends,

herewith would like I short present, even if I already a couple days with you in the Community on the way be. be of profession Fachinformatiker and I as hobby the program Windows-Applications under Profan already early discover.

good afternoon!

i'm here in order to learn, because I not yet to that middle-aged iron count would like.

Moin, Moin !

I work since 1980 in the EDV. since this Time have I some on Maschinchen erlebt. started has everything with a mainframe make Siemens with the BS 1000. it followed IBM-mainframe in the change with Siemens-Rechnern. the first Homecomputer (TI 99/4a and C64) until present PC Have I any mitgemacht.

means well, persuated!

not that I so lazy about writing letters would, the have your Yes anyhow already notice..., wished me hold not so on The large Glocke hang.

Yp, i'm Christian Eichler, komm from Kadenzhofen, the is son mini - dump in the sew of Neumarkt i.d. Opf. and be therefore too with ISDN beaten.

i'm z.Z. 16 years old and yet schoolboy. Profan kennen institute of technology I since several years, really program first since beginning this year. everything what before was, warn only Miniprogramme, with them one eh net plenty begin has can.

Hello first at times any,

i'm very glad, this Forum here found to have. I have to 3 years the first time of Profan heard and then once in a while time smaller ones projects in forward line taken (which because of of my work unfortunately never entire completed get ). Currently map I one sudoku - game with Generator and Lösungsfinder. but How said, its in planning... first time Have I me the new XProfan 10 free runtergeladen, and must first time look, what there so new is etc... I hope, I can me with want on adept people How you turn...

Yes i'm who i'm what about me hope this too To bleien.

22 years have I until write this Textes on Gottes Erden (well) lived.


I (Frank) wished me then too time short present. i'm 1967 born, and I 1995 The first Profan-Version 4 erstanden. before have I in QBasic already some small programs prepares, but with Profan has it me correctly. joke made. my latest Version was then Profan 7. 2005 has me then though The pleasure leave, and I only yet in between something Time found, time again reinzuschauen. first now, with the Version 11.2 has me The recollection wachgerückelt, what about me see already, I have some nachzuholen (and the in my old - former is it my head plainer fallen, everything aufzunehmen).

I have my Vornamen gekürzt, because I any Koseformen of my Vornamens terrible find. i'm schwerbehindert, and to of my Blasenkebs-OP and chemotherapy schwerstbehindert, what me but not of it abhält music To make and me diversen Interesssen zuzuwenden.

i'm one Eingeborener from Kiel, Baujahr 1960 - now be 60 well then, one becomes older and most people circa one around too, and one sees with them taking off the Geistesleistung, I already by me fixes have, wozu has to the Handy, if one his Kurzzeitgedächnis Streiche game?

Hello on all sides,

my name is Dennis. :idea: plenty there really not over me To tell. Gebroen watts I on the 3. june 1986, I personally very been successful find, I not only with my nanny mütterlicherseits birthday have, No separate because the stood off between whom Geschenken each one halbes year totals, what already regularly is. :roll:

Hello would like me time present, i'm Detta of DMR.

Hello together,

to several friendly Aufforderungen by the dedicated iF-Macher this Forums would like too I short present:

Hello your any,

my name is doik and I am new here in the community (How not differently To expect *g*). I schreib purposely not big because with the simply To umständlich is, means beschwert you bidde not.

here stefan from hamburg, baujahr '68, married, a daughter, job in the EDV.

go ging's into 80ern with the Apple II, means timewise one weilchen to the C64.

i'm 53 years old and since 21 years in the IT active. started have I time with Basic, quick gesellten itself then but Languages How Fortran, Pascal, Assembler (sowohl mainframe as well as PC), C Konsorten hinzu.

Sometime have I then my hobby to that profession made, How already said to 21 years. since this Time has unfortunately almost everything on a Programming-Language konzentiert, on ABAP4 (SAP). Einigen becomes the probably something say others Perhaps not. To Profan be I come with the Version 4.5, first only from curiosity, then but because I like this convincing was. since this Time have I over ands over again time smaller ones programs for me and my known prepares. Currently work I one proposition the itself with of/ one integrierten Solution for Auftragsabwicklung engage. so now Have I already a crowd written what about me think for beginning time enough.

Welcome in the Community!

so too what of me...

geb. 1959 - verh. - 2 children 16 and 18

since Profan 7 thereby and yet always without Forum ausgekommen because it already so many Source public gives.

the The Profaner so verstreut are isn't well but I would like me too time show and what contribute and thought me so everything I find einzutragen because that here well goes.

Hello people,

here with place I short to: i'm 5x years old and befasse me are ca. 25 years with Computern.

Here's the next time.

really is correct The Rubrik not integrally, I never program or Computer science learnt have.If I now Programmer or developer name is the already very hochtrabend.

I have to years my hobby to that profession made, now be I Administrator with of/ one Sparkasse, why I Profan use lying simply on it, the tappt im dunkeln really simply To erlernen is, and to one month without Programmierungen right quick again in the matter is. my Hauptprogramme are small Tools, The me The daily work relieve so z.B. The Info from whom Reportdateien (csv-Files) ours Rechenzentrums simply auszulesen.

good day!

really have I the community only called, circa time even something over The rechtsbündige spending of Texten / Zahlenwerten in Dialogfenstern To experienced. and thereby be I over The gentle invitation, me vorzustellen, stumbled - means Please:

Hello, i'm Georg Teles and program since the March 2006. I wanted to always Own mini programs write, because I Fun and motivation on it have, me difficult situations To to put. XProfan is very correctly. for me, because I gladly with command in the Edit-Window work.

I caught initially on, me with Autostartprogrammen To keep busy well then be I with a Packer/Unpacker engage. I have to one in the DOS auszuführenden, quite small Packer/Unpacker Internet found and write one Program, that the Eintippen and Search the Paths saving.


my Programmiervergangenheit lying mainly under DOS with Turbo-Pascal, MS-C 7 and TDB (Turbo data base).

i'm 65 years old, wohne in Berlin. I program hobbymäßig always time something in XProfan. with Profan already certainly 10 years.

my name is Herbert. since many years engage I as well as professional as well as private with the Programming.

Hello Profanerinnen and Profaner,

my name is Heiko Dix, born watts I in Gera(Thüringen) in the May 1967.

How I yet The computer gequält have - or inverse


salvo and joy love Community.

i'm iF, First name David, Spitzname Paule.

Hallochen, i'm Jac!

my voller name is Jacob Liebeck, but I bevorzuge it Jac called To go.


I hot Jürgen Krös and wohne in Leipzig, be pensioner and try with Profan my brain in momentum To hold.

Grüßt you i'm 30J old have now my Kommunikationsinformatik studies ready.

be new in the Community and the Ersteindruck is already time cool ;)

One fröhliches Moin Moin from the north Deutschlands!

now have so did i hither found... Profan and XProfan accompany me already longer (so about since verse. 4 of Profan) what about me have already some programs/projects so prepares. therefore stops I not for a Profi, advanced student Beginner comes sooner there .


Hello people,

cordial Regards all which into virtual Weiten this Community bustling.

hello everyone together

my name is Lars Gallasch, be Baujahr 74 and of profession Fernfahrer.

as Gründer the VOTIS software MUSEUMs informiere I over the progress the Profan programs constantly.


be Profananfänger and circa Game Programming To erlernen, try I straight one small game to program (labyrinth). the labyrinth have I with Line drawn. How bring I my Objekt moreover, a Kollission To discern. The movement erfolt by the Parameter mx% and my%. have unfortunately forget, How the went.Perhaps can me time someone one kurzes Beispielprogramm write.

Hello all,

now would like so did i once "die thing at Schopfe packen" and me here present:

now because, in all Kürze too what To me...

Jahrgang 61 and since Long überzeugter Profan-User, the itself into 80ern the vorigen Jahrhunderts time something with Basic and later with Pascal (letzeres but only integrally on the Rande) engage has. And then to years the interval on Profan pushed - Roland be Thanks !

Hello Profaner

i'm on the 14. december 1990 in Landshut born and wohne now in Leberskirchen (Niederbayern). Since I papa with its Modelleisenbahn help, would like so did i into world the Programmierens hineinriechen.

Hello. i'm Matz and programmier since ca 6 years Blitz Basic3D.

there this Language unfortunately on DirecktX7 basiert and well never

Hi I programiere programs Games and yet further useful things!

I program gladly too with XProfan.

name: Michael butcher

Alias: mikestone

I have me long enough before it pressed, means:

i'm in Lübeck born (Sep.1960) and really sorry, the we teh folks 50-DM-Scheine with the Holstentor on it not any more having.


so then I will me time too present...

my name is Primus of Quack - No, P. woodpecker. i'm Ösi from concise next to Wien, employed me since Commodore-PET-2001-times with PCs, erweiterte then by Lötkolben and geätzter Platine WinXP? of 8 kByte on say and write 32 Kilobyte ("So gigantic programs becomes it never give!") and betreute during of my Berufslaufbahn on the side a Branchen-Server for a Händlernetz velvet Bestellprogramm in Profan², later XProfan. After Branchenwechsel stayed XProfan as hobby, where I u.a. old Fortran-IV-Algorithms to XProfan transponierte, circa tappt im dunkeln to the forget To saving. One further hobby were former maths-puzzel. presently in Vorpension, betreue I mean mother's (86). Zit.: "Solange is a mother's has, is one one kid!"

Hello...have zero Idea of program and would like it gladly learn

means here nocheinmal for all.


i'm Peter Mallow, wohne in Schwedt/or (lying in Brandenburg) and was on the 23. March 1989 born. Zurzeit visit I The 11. class in the Oberstufenzentrum, with the target high shool degree To make.


i'm of profession Ingenieur and wohne quite in the middle Deutschlands. I have during the Studiums Fortran learnt and parallel on one Epson HX20 Basic program. Later went it on the first PC with GW-Basic moreover. ca. 1990 coming then Turbo Basic and later Power Basic hinzu, parallel, professional conditioned, too time a couple years Turbo Pascal. Power Basic was but my Favorite language. around the Jahrtausendwende came then Anforderungen on windows-surfaces what about me have some things in VB6 program. If I no large surface needed, have I but too furthermore plenty with Power Basic moreover made. with Aufkommen the 64 bit computer, was Schluß with VB6 and Power Basic. VB.Net is me To tricky and so be I random over Jens Driese To XProfan come. for a few "quick and dirty" things, with them I no windows-surface need, program I but too moreover in Free Basic. If one long in Power Basic worked has and the dwelt is, then are there some items still plainer as in XProfan.

time see what me so falls in...

geb. 1962 / verh. / 3 children (of 2-16, there comes no long while on )

name me Ronny,

i'm 38 ,körperbehindert and I a light Lernschwäche,what me moreover brought ,I Frührentner be,me with my PC apart To settle .

good evening together!

To of my person:

Moin moin

long Time be I now already Member in the XProfan-Community, there I will finally too something over me abandon.

Currently programiere I yet with CA Clipper 5.2 under DOS and use thereby DBASE data base. Moechte in windows emigrieren, unfortunately but nothing suitable found, I quick umsetzen can. will be with euren XProfan try and then perhaps on Delphi umzusteigen, if it noetig becomes. Since I yet on others things work (Vielbeschaeftigt ! ) have I do not More soooo plenty time circa itself with new Programiersprache in the beginning To beschaeftigen. I knows, without learn goes not !

Uebrigens, i'm from slovenia ! therefore to judge tappt im dunkeln my Sprachkenntnise not as accurate, because I something naus the Uebung be.

Hello values Profan-Gemeinde,

my werter name is Rene Black and be on the 13. april 1971 (No is no friday ) gebohren. as i in the delicate old of 9 years was, purchased my father itself a Colorgenie. what unweigerlich moreover führete the too I with the Topic computer employed.

I likes Tools.

XPROFAN is one of it.

Hi people,

in the meantime müssten most my Object Creator kennen.


my name is Ron I come from the east Deutschlands (saxons Anhalt) and be 42 years young. on the Search after a Programming-Language The me the create of Desktop Datenbankanwendungen make possible should, be I on XProfan punched. Experience in things Programming have I to some years in Delphi and Visual FoxPro assembled what though already a whole while since is (ca. 10 years). there forget one some now work I in silence in FreeProfan one and if everything fit then wechsele so did i To XProfan in the actually Version.


i'm since the Profan publication by the Sybex publisher to ca. 1000 years thereby.

Hello together,

too i want me once short present.

Hello together,

my name is Sascha and some kennen me Perhaps yet of former. i'm 22 years old and engage me since my 6 Lebensjahr with the computer.


i'm Sebastian Böttger 19 years old and wohne in fishing

hello everyone together,

I stell me then too time official to: i'm Stefan Landsberg. i'll too nächstes year Computer science and have a little bit with the Program NIKI "Programmieren".

my Vollständiger name is Stefan Marcel Caillet, be 44 years old, Wohne in the switzerland and be Gelegenheits-Programmer.

most of my programs are Specifically on on the User voted. I bid PC-Support particularly for Sozial tenuous User (mainly families ) on, which the otherwise not do can.


i'm already since Ewigkeiten with Profan, there there were yet windows 3.1

Hello ersteinmal!

here time one kurzer Steckbrief:

Hello, i'm new here and would like me short present:

are it The DV gives , engage I more or less with Betriebssystemen and Applications. to ca. 15 years have I began Datenbankapplikationen in DBAse, Clipper, Turbo-Pascal to program. after a very intense Programmierphase have I from professional/familiären and others Found so quit. after I stolzer owner of Profan 2 become be, watts the interest again wach, something in things Databases zuschreiben. but Profan let then concerning Datenbankprogrammierung only few items To , so that my Ineresse on it itself rasch again verflüchtigte. in the occupancy of Profan 8.0 have I now again in these Thematik hineingekniet and be surprised, what these Version for a DB-Programmer everything bid. Zugegeben, The functions are something gewöhnungsbedürftig. If one but the principle understood has, can so integrally well bypass.

Hello any together,

name standing already there, i'm 1960 fertiggestgellt been, Have time Nachrichtentechnik study and be Funkamateur.


I heisse Peter, be 42 years old and come from the lovely Saarland, and look me time a little bit XProfan on, I have already smaller ones things in Purebasic realized, be random on XProfan punched and wished it test times.

means: have straight the first Drittel of my desired lifetime behind me brought (53!), and slopes as Elektroniker in the Uni Bochum rum.

program find I very spannend; and frustrierend. unfortunately überschreitet my fancy continuing my Kenntnisse.

Hello Freaks

i'm now pensioner, and work with Profan since 10 years over ands over again mal; though with long interrupts, hold always then if I one proposition verwirklichen wants. yet have ic h following projects verwirklicht.

beforehand one herzliches Hello on the community.

I have to some years, How one wahscheinlich on the Profanversion slight discern can, z.B.: Screen saver and smaller ones Tools, How Screenshot-, Crypt- and Archivierungsprogrämmchen for Hausgebrauch written. now, I in superannuation be, and again More Time have, I will me again hither with Profan keep busy. Ausserdem is me The Programmiererei already since some Time abgegangen - the changes itself but now. means then, happy typing.


I hot Wolfgang Seither and wohne in the Südwesten of Germany (Pfalz). my Programmier-Experience are something antiquated: from the Time and the Progamm-Style:

Review add

Topictitle, max. 100 characters.


no Systemprofil laid out. [anlegen]


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