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each Member own one Guthabenkonto, Credit is a bequeme and direct Zahlungsmöglichkeit, Credit come into being z.B. through Gutscheine, deposit and product-sales.


can I me Credit pay out let?

Credit becomes on Knopfdruck ausgezahlt, to The option "Guthaben auszahlen" on the Shop-Umsätze-Page dial. there's none Maximalauszahlungsbetrag - Auszahlungen can ex one Credit of 2,50 EUR ausgezahlt go.

How long lasts it of beantragter payment To the Credit gutgeschrieben is?

the Credit becomes within 3 Werktagen the us known bank account überwiesen, delays come into being outside the Verfügungsbereiches the XProfan.Net - about through bank-Werktage.

can I with Credit pay for?

One besonderer benefit of Credit is it, directly and immediate so pay for to. in example can a by Credit acquired application immediate receive there the Zahlungseingang immediate verzeichnet go can.

If I Credit eingezahlt have, be I still in the occupancy the Guthabens?

Yes, its your Credit and Credit can anytime ausgezahlt go - each One- and payment is with voucher and any Transactions can the Kontoblatt entnommen go.

Verfällt Credit?

No, there's too no "Kontoführungsgebühren".

can I over More Credit order, as i gutgeschrieben have?

XProfan.com can Credit-Überschreitungen granting, this depends itself to Kontonutzungsfaktoren. The Überschreitungssatz can the Kontoblatt entnommen and be can after a row erfolgreichen Transaktion offered go.

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