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XProfan.com bid Free Mitgliedschafts-Verifications, to erfolgreicher Verification stand further offers and Opportunities available.

The Verfifizierungs-status can optional in the public Profil showing and bid too Käufern The Possibility, over The genuineness the Authors operator to obtain.

it stand 3 Verifizierungs-groups and 3 Level available:

SelbstverifizierungMembers explain self your Identitätsechtheit and deposit personenbezogene Information on XProfan.com - these z.B. to one erfolgreichen buy- and selling the case. Hierbei can from the genuineness the Mitglieds gone out go, these is however not screen.

GegenverifizierungThe Author declared self its Identitätsechtheit and sends a Rückbrief on XProfan.com, XProfan.com sends whom Rückbrief with of/ one PIN which of Author association The Verification abschließt. Hierbei can from the genuineness the Autors gone out go, there the Postempfang functions.

IdentitätsverifizierungAfter erfolgreicher Gegenverifizierung standing The Identitätsverifizierung available. These Verfifizierung can objectively only of Author self erbracht go insofern these not without beidseitige identification-copy/ Scan auskommt. Hierbei can a identification-copy by ℻ (Faxnummer over the Support available) eingereicht go. These Verification bid Käufern and Authors a maximalen protection. Eingereichte identification-copies go to Sichtung vernichtet/ deleted.

product-Verificationbecomes one arbitrary product for a membership verifiziert, confirm this a license for this product so it z.B. to the obtain too furthermore properly offered go can. with product-Einkäufen becomes suitable product-license the membership automatically added.

product-Zertifizierungarbitrary Products zertifizieren let, To zertifizierende Products go independent begutachtet on offensichtlichen Schad- or trouble-code. Zertifizierte Products are with corresponding Zertifikat marked - XProfan.com bid verifizierten members product-Zertifikate free.

Authoren-Zertifizierungdeveloper-Zertifikat anhand of Standards obtain for the produce hochwertiger software.

independent of the Verification go any information under observance of the Datenschutzes processing.

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