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§01 - Allgemeines/ Geltungsbereich/ Imprint

The XProfan.Net is a not-profitorientierte platform, spare for all XProfan and other Programmer.

The subesquent general Terms and conditions (i.F. too as "Nutzungsbedingungen" benannt) rever to any Geschäftsbeziehungen with us or. the services the

(Responsible for Content) XProfan.Net, David Strutz, with seat in 12161 Berlin, Bundesallee 116, Phone: +49 (030) 6443-6443, Jurisdiction Germany, Berlin, District Court Berlin Charlottenburg, USt.-ID DE-256-357-206, Tax Berlin Schöneberg, E-Mail: support@XProfan.net
as well as the XProfan.com, following too as "XProfan.Net", "wir", "uns" and "unsere" benannt.

The Europäische commission position under the Webadresse http://ec.europe.eu/consumers/odr/ a platform to Online-Streitbeilegung (OS) ready. consumer having The Possibility, these platform for Beilegung yours Streitigkeiten To benefit.

we put these Website and your services under whom nachfolgenden terms ready. with the visiting the Website and/ or Use the Services go The terms of User acknowledged, there we our offers otherwise not offer can. with Nichtanerkennen ours Terms, can The contents not uses go.

"Mitglieder", "Teilnehmer", developer as well as "Käufer", "Verkäufer" and "Händler" in the senses the Terms and conditions can sowohl consumer as well as Unternehmer his. Abweichende, entgegenstehende or ergänzende Terms go self with Kenntnis not Vertragsbestandteil, except yours Geltung watts particularly written of us approved.

The actually Terms stand under the Link "AGB" anytime on the XProfan.Net available. On wish can we them these too zusenden.

we develop us away and Change us in sonstiger point - services, functions and/ or Features go added and/ or removes. except with käuflich acquired Leistungen exists on The Erbringung the kostenfreien services altogether or particular no claim.

explanation the Terms to the right the ferderal republic Germany, it counts the right the ferderal republic Germany, unless, The Geltung german right is because of zwingender Normen impossible. The Clauses the UN-Kaufrechts find no application - for Verträge with Kaufleuten, juristischen Personen the public right or public-rechtliche Sondervermögen is ausschließlicher Erfüllungsort and Jurisdiction the Geschäftssitz of XProfan.Net (D-14195 Berlin).

has the private Endverbraucher none Wohnsitz inside the Europäischen Union, so is Geschäftssitz the XProfan.Net Jurisdiction. in the traffic with Endverbrauchern inside the Europäischen Union can also the right on the Wohnsitz the Endverbrauchers applicable his, sofern it itself coercive circa verbraucherrechtliche Clauses deals.

we must our Terms regularly adjust, tappt im dunkeln should The Terms of Use (https://XProfan.net/intl/de/agb/) regularly discover. tappt im dunkeln must The Use of Diensten take on, if tappt im dunkeln with the modified Terms of Use not all right are.

our general Geschäfts- and Lieferbedingungen count likewise for all on this Website listed Products, Lieferungen and Leistungen the XProfan.Net. general Terms and conditions the customers go particularly not Vertragsinhalt, even if them by XProfan.Net not particularly widersprochen becomes. for the drop, that one Member The nachfolgenden general Geschäfts- and Lieferbedingungen not count let wants, would a later Weiterverwendung the consent in our Terms.

XProfan.Net verkennt at "Grenzübergreifenden" deal not, that insoweit not only German laws To mind are, separate too The laws derjenigen countries a strain play can, on The the tender with reported is and we recommend our Händlern, this likewise To do.

we limit our Terms if necessary and properly, if in others Ländern abweichende Regelungen count by the the consumer unzulässig disadvantaged would. In this case is all-parteilich The each naheliegendste and verhältnismäßige regulation anzustreben and anzuwenden.

§02 - membership/ Teilnahme - Grundsätze

eachone subscriber bewirkt one reibungsloses, friedliches and produktives together.

some services need a membership, a membership can on the Login-Site under Use the E-Mail-address free registered go.

The Use the services is too under one Pseudonym possible, for Use the membership are herself Responsible - in example should The secrecy the Passworts ensured and a unautorisierte Use the membership through regelmäßiges Changing the Passwortes erschwert go.

with suspicion on unautorisierte Use yours membership are tappt im dunkeln obliging, XProfan.Net this mitzuteilen z.B. by E-Mail on support@XProfan.net.

tappt im dunkeln confirm the tappt im dunkeln not stellvertretend and/ or covers for Dritte or entitled deal. subscriber can itself with the registration not as another person spend or a names use, for which use tappt im dunkeln no Legitimacy having.

go with the registration unwahre indicated made or unterlässt one subscriber The display of Changes, so can the subscriber with sofortiger effect of XProfan.Net impossible go. XProfan.Net keeps itself the right to, anytime to freiem Ermessen registration zurückzuweisen and the Erbringung of Dienstleistungen in the welt of XProfan.Net To verweigern.

subscriber obliging itself with jeglicher Benutzung the XProfan.Net, The in this Teilnahmebedingungen niedergelegten regulate as well as any terms and Richtlinien on the Hilfeseiten anzuerkennen and einzuhalten. terms and Richtlinien can of Time To Time changed go. subscriber should therefore regularly The Hilfeseiten locate and on actually Changes there to check on.

with one Verstoß against The Teilnahmebedingungen is XProfan.Net reasonable, single contents or subscriber without delay To Lock or contents To change or others suitable Gegenmaßnahmen To grasp. such Maßnahmen can Warnungen, interrupts or resignation the Teilnahme on XProfan.Net, Verweigerung the Zugangs to Website and/ or The disposal of jeglichem material on the Page his.

subscriber, The try unwahre, beleidigende, wettbewerbswidrige, strafbare or otherwise rechtswidrige contents over others einzustellen, can immediate impossible go. is one gesperrter subscriber Buyer or vendors/ merchant with Credit, then becomes the Credit automatically to payment on whom subscriber dependent.

XProfan.Net keeps itself the right to, etwaige Tätigkeiten or contents To to supervise and To edit or To Remove, is moreover however not obliging.

if tappt im dunkeln under 18 are can tappt im dunkeln XProfan.Net only under Mitwirkung one Elternteils or Erziehungsberechtigten benefit.

Missbräuchliche Use:

they are not reasonable, services the XProfan.Net in missbräuchlicher Nature and allocate benefit, into services einzugreifen or on The services in another point as over The of XProfan.Net provided Benutzeroberflächen and/ or Interfaces access. its them untersagt, on The services in automatisierter point access, in example with Robots or Scripts - except the services The Specifically for manufactured and hereon ausgelegt and self-contained for expelled are.


it exists no claim on Löschung of Memberships through XProfan.Net as unentgeltliche service. Sofern one User not any more Member and/ or subscriber his would like, can it its personal data in the Profil self-employed delete and the option "Stilllegen" below of "Mein-XProfan" use around the Mitgliedsstatus on "beendet" To settle. simply can The Löschung personenbezogener Information by E-Mail on support@XProfan.net orders go. These Löschung comprising no of subscriber publizierten contents separate The personenbezogenen Information The with a Mitglieds-Account verknüpft are.

§02.1 - membership: prices/ fees

The membership is free. Kostenpflichtige services/ item are with a Price slip and only over the Cart To obtain. prices understand itself inklusive value-added tax on Endverbraucher.

§02.2 - membership: Vertragslaufzeit

These arrangement counts fundamentally ex Use the XProfan.Net until Time the Stilllegens the membership, pieces the arrangement z.B. concerning the Verschwiegenheitspflicht consist over the Vereinbarungsende out. Vorbehaltlich can tappt im dunkeln your membership anytime over the suitable Link under my-XProfan Close-Down and simply The Löschung personenbezogener Information beantragen by E-Mail on support@XProfan.net. These Löschung comprising no of subscriber publizierten contents separate The personenbezogenen Information The with a Mitglieds-Account verknüpft are.

§02.3 - membership: electronic communication

If tappt im dunkeln these Website Call or us a E-Mail Send, communicate tappt im dunkeln with us on elektronischem ways. tappt im dunkeln explain itself so all right, of us electronic messages to obtain. our communication with them results over E-Mails or by the publication of messages on this Website. tappt im dunkeln explain itself so all right, that any Vereinbarungen, Notes, Bekanntgaben and other messages, The we on elektronischem ways on tappt im dunkeln übermitteln, The legal demand, that these messages in schriftlicher shape erfolgen must, - so far legally machbar - erfüllen.

§03 - Privacy Policy

XProfan.Net is itself the enormous importance the Preservation the Datenschutzes deliberate and obliging, Information generally only to that own object To raise and To process and we're us above deliberate, that Information, The urheberrechtlichen, datenschutzrechtlichen and/ or persönlichkeitrechtlichen protection enjoy, under none Umständen vervielfältigt/ copies and be/ or third available set go can.

from this reason give we personenbezogenen Information only moreover, if one schriftliches Einverständnis the affected or. a legal basis vorliegt. once the object the processing was achieved and no legally prescribed Aufbewahrungspflichten More To to uphold are, Remove we personenbezogene data.

we ensure, obliging us and further The Preservation the Privacy Policy and betreiben Jugendschutz. that is for us particularly, that we technical reasonable no personal Information on Dritte transmit - we raise Information solely to that own object, offers available To make and we protect adolescent through Moderation to unfit Inhalten.

Sofern The Possibility to input persönlicher or geschäftlicher Information How z.B. E-Mailadressen, names and Anschriften exists, so results The Preisgabe this Information by the Nutzers on particularly freiwilliger Base. with dispatching the Information explain tappt im dunkeln itself all right, that The thorough Information erhoben and their object properly processing go.

The Inanspruchnahme all offered services is - so far technical possible and reasonable - too without indicated personenspezifischer data or. under indicated anonymisierter data or one Pseudonyms permits. The Use, the in the welt the Impressums or vergleichbar published Kontaktdaten How Postanschriften, Phone- and Faxnummern as well as Emailadressen, through Dritte - z.B. to Übersendung of not particularly angeforderten Information - isn't permits.

tappt im dunkeln voices the rise, processing and use personenbezogener data properly our Datenschutzbestimmungen To. The compliance into Speicherung and zweckgerichtete processing the data can anytime on support@XProfan.net widerrufen go.

it exists a gegenseitige obligation to secrecy all Geschäfts- and Betriebsgeheimnisse. Information, The because of the relationship acquired get, can only welt this used go.

§ 1 Verantwortlicher Datenverarbeiter and Geltungsbereich for Datenerfassung ours contents #

XProfan.Net, David Strutz, Spilstrasse 10, 14195 Berlin, Germany, ph.: 030 / 6443 6443, E-Mail: support@XProfan.net, Imprint: https ://XProfan.net/intl/de/impressum/

our Datenschutzerklärung counts for the Internetangebot (in the subesquent 'unsere Website' called) the XProfan.Net under the Domain XProfan.Net as well as whom different under-Domains and connected Domains.

§ 2 Privacy Policy-Verantwortlicher #

mr David Strutz, XProfan.Net, Spilstr. 10, 14195 Berlin Germany, Phone: 030 / 6443 6443, E-Mail: support@XProfan.net

§ 3 Datenerfassung #

The internet-Datenübertragung can Sicherheitslücken display and a lückenloser protection to the Access to data through Dritte is then technical you don't say so.

fundamentally raise we data, The tappt im dunkeln us z.B. by E-Mail, over Online-Formulare/ Website-Eingabemöglichkeiten, by Phone or by Fax communicating.

data come into being too automatically through Websites-visit. through Aufrufe and use ours Website raise we The personenbezogenen data, The your Browser automatically on our Server übermittelt.

§ 3.1 Datenerfassung through our Website #

§ 3.1.1 Cookies #

The Websites use partly so named Cookies. Cookies richten on their computer none damage on and include no viruses. Cookies serve moreover, our tender nutzerfreundlicher, effective and sicherer To make. Cookies are small Text files, The on their computer stored and be The your Browser save.

From us used Cookies are so named 'Session-Cookies'. you'll to end their Besuchs automatically deleted. others Cookies keep to their Endgerät stored To tappt im dunkeln these delete. These Cookies make possible it us, Your Browser at next visiting wiederzuerkennen.

you can Your Browser so take on, that tappt im dunkeln over the settle of Cookies informed and be Cookies only individual case permit, The assumption of Cookies for defined Cases or generally exclude as well as the automatic Delete the Cookies at Closing the Browser enable. with the Deaktivierung of Cookies can The Funktionalität this Website limited his.

Cookies, The to Durchführung the elektronischen Kommunikationsvorgangs or to Bereitstellung bestimmter, of them erwünschter functions (z.B. Warenkorbfunktion) necessary are, go on basis of manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO stored. The Websitebetreiber has one berechtigtes interest on the Speicherung of Cookies to technical fehlerfreien and optimierten Bereitstellung its services. so far others Cookies (z.B. Cookies to analysis their Surfverhaltens) stored go, go these in this Datenschutzerklärung gesondert treats.

§ 3.1.2 Server-log-Files #

The Provider the pages erhebt and save automatically Information in so named Server-log-Files, The your Browser automatically on us übermittelt. this are:

+ IP-address the anfragenden Rechners
+ Date and Uhrzeit the Zugriffs
+ name and address (URL) and Size the abgerufenen File
+ Website, from the from the grabbed results (Referrer-URL)
+ verwendeter Browser and ggf. the Betriebssystem their Rechners
+ name their Access-Providers

an Zusammenführung this data with others Datenquellen won't undertaken.

basis for Datenverarbeitung is manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO, the The processing of data to Preservation the berechtigten interests the Verantwortlichen or one third permits.

The Provider is the Host Europe GmbH, Hansestrasse 111, 51149 Cologne, Germany. of these exists one Auftragsverarbeitungsvertrag according item 28 DSGVO.

§ 3.1.2 Kontaktformular #

If tappt im dunkeln us by Kontaktformular inquire zukommen let, go your indicated from the Anfrageformular inklusive the of them there angegebenen Kontaktdaten order edit the inquire and whom drop of Anschlussfragen with us stored. These data give we not without your compliance moreover.

The processing the into Kontaktformular inputted data results accordingly solely on basis yours compliance (manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a DSGVO). you can these compliance anytime widerrufen. moreover reaches a formlose message by E-Mail on us. The Rechtmäßigkeit the until Widerruf erfolgten Datenverarbeitungsvorgänge remaining of Widerruf unberührt.

The of them in the Kontaktformular inputted data verbleiben with us, To tappt im dunkeln us to Löschung summon, your compliance to Speicherung widerrufen or the object for Datenspeicherung entfällt (z.B. to abgeschlossener edit yours inquire). Zwingende legal Clauses 'insbesondere Aufbewahrungsfristen' stay unberührt.

§ 4 Verarbeitungszweck #

+ Zurverfügungstellung ours Websites velvet functions and contents
+ Beantwortung of Kontaktanfragen
+ Sicherheitsmaßnahmen
+ Reichweitenmessung/marketing

§ 5 Betroffenenrechte #

from the DSGVO yield itself for tappt im dunkeln as Betroffener of/ one processing personenbezogener data subesquent rights, on The we allude would:

you can operator over your of us processed personenbezogenen data desires. you can particularly operator over The Verarbeitungszwecke, The categories the personenbezogenen data, The categories of Empfängern, to them your data offengelegt get or go, The mapped Speicherdauer, the consist one right on Berichtigung, Löschung, Einschränkung the processing or Widerspruch, the consist one Beschwerderechts, The origin yours data, sofern these not us erhoben get, over a Übermittlung in Drittländer or on international organizations as well as over the consist of/ one automatisierten Entscheidungsfindung including Profiling and ggf. aussagekräftige Information To its particular desires.

you can tappt im dunkeln without delay The Berichtigung unrichtiger or The Vervollständigung yours with us gespeicherten personenbezogenen data desires.

you can The Löschung yours with us gespeicherten personenbezogenen data desires, so far The processing not to Ausübung the right on free Meinungsäußerung and information, to compliance of/ one rechtlichen obligation, from Found the public Interesses or to Geltendmachung, Ausübung or defence of Rechtsansprüchen necessary is.

you can tappt im dunkeln The Einschränkung the processing yours personenbezogenen data desires, so far The accuracy the data of them defrayed becomes, The processing unrechtmäßig is, we The data not any more need and tappt im dunkeln its Löschung reject, because tappt im dunkeln these to Geltendmachung, Ausübung or defence of Rechtsansprüchen need. the right from manner. 18 DSGVO standing them too To, if tappt im dunkeln according manner. 21 DSGVO Widerspruch against The processing potted having.

you can tappt im dunkeln desires, that your personenbezogenen data, The tappt im dunkeln us provided having, in a strukturierten, gängigen and maschinenlesebaren stature to obtain or you can The Übermittlung on a others Verantwortlichen desires.

you can your once erteilte compliance anytime to us widerrufen. this has to follow, that we The on this compliance based Datenverarbeitung for future not any more fortführen can.

them standing the right To, itself with of/ one Aufsichtsbehörde To complain. in the rule can tappt im dunkeln itself this on The Aufsichtsbehörde their usual Aufenthaltsortes, their Arbeitsplatzes or ours Unternehmenssitzes turn.

§ 6 Empfänger the data #

as Empfänger the data comes solely the Privacy Policy-Verantwortliche in question.

§ 7 types verarbeiteter data #

+ Bestandsdaten (z.B., names, Adressen).
+ Kontaktdaten (z.B., E-Mail, phone numbers).
+ Inhaltsdaten (z.B., Texteingaben, Fotografien, Videos).
+ Nutzungsdaten (z.B., visiting Websites, interest on Inhalten, Zugriffszeiten).
+ Meta-/Kommunikationsdaten (z.B., tools-Information, IP-Adressen).

§ 8 Einschränkungsrecht #

you've in designed in the DSGVO spezifizierten situations the right, The Einschränkung the processing To desires, so that personenbezogene data only with yours approval processing go can (unbeschadet ours right, data according the Datenschutzbestimmungen To Save). The Ausübung this right has no Auswirkungen on frühere Verarbeitungen.

§ 9 Datenlöschung, Änderung and Speicherdauer #

once the object the processing was achieved and no legally prescribed Aufbewahrungspflichten More To to uphold are, Remove we personenbezogene data.

once one of them given compliance aufgehoben becomes, go The of us erhobenen and processed data deleted. an weitergehende Speicherung can in the individual case then erfolgen, if this legally prescribed is.

About tappt im dunkeln gespeicherten data can tappt im dunkeln anytime delete and/or alter let. Send tappt im dunkeln moreover a E-Mail on support@XProfan.net. we lead The desired Änderung/ Löschung through and informieren tappt im dunkeln to Abschluss the Vorgangs.

if The processed data however to compliance one Vertrages or to Durchführung vorvertraglicher Maßnahmen necessary are, is a vorzeitige Löschung the data only possible, so far the not vertragliche or legal commitments entgegenstehen.

an Sperrung or Löschung the data results too then, if a by the named Normen prescribed Speicherfrist expires, unless, that a Erforderlichkeit to further Speicherung the data for a Vertragsabschluss or a Vertragserfüllung exists.

§ 9.1 Automatisierte individual case-decisions including Profiling #

all from the processing personenbezogener data affected Personen becomes of Europäischen Richtlinien- and Verordnungsgeber the right conceded, not of/ one decision subjected To go, The of entire automatisierter processing including Profiling depending, if these decision the affected person to rechtliche effect entfaltet or tappt im dunkeln in same point not beside the point beeinträchtigt becomes. this counts only then, if The decision for Abschluss or The compliance one Vertrags between the affected person and the Verantwortlichen necessary is or because of of Rechtsvorschriften the Union or the Mitgliedstaaten, them the Verantwortliche unterliegt, permitted is and these Rechtsvorschriften angemessene Maßnahmen to Preservation the rights and Freiheiten as well as the berechtigten interests the affected person include or with ausdrücklicher compliance the affected person results.

with all decisions The for the close or Erfüllen one Vertrages between the Verantwortlichen and the affected person necessary are or with ausdrücklicher compliance the affected Personen erfolgen, go we suitable Maßnahmen meet, circa any Freiheiten, rights and berechtigten interests the from the processing affected person To to uphold. moreover heard at least the right on Erwirkung the Eingreifens of/ one person by the Verantwortlichen, on Darlegung of their own Standpunkts and on Anfechtung the decision.

circa rights in reference on automatisierte decisions in the individual case including Profiling geltend To make, standing affected Personen the for processing Verantwortliche available.

§ 10 Widerruf yours compliance to Datenverarbeitung #

many Datenverarbeitungsvorgänge only with yours express compliance possible. you can a already erteilte compliance anytime widerrufen. moreover reaches a formlose message by E-Mail on us. The Rechtmäßigkeit the until Widerruf erfolgten Datenverarbeitung remaining of Widerruf unberührt.

§ 11 right on operator and Löschung #

you've in the welt the geltenden legal Clauses anytime the right on unentgeltliche operator over your gespeicherten personenbezogenen data, its origin and Empfänger and the object the Datenverarbeitung and ggf. one right on Berichtigung, Sperrung or Löschung this data, sofern The rechtlichen Zwänge and commitments, The for fellowship count, not Widerspruch to this inquire stand. For this, as well as To further ask about personenbezogene data can tappt im dunkeln itself anytime under the in the Imprint angegebenen address on us turn.

§ 12 right on Datenübertragbarkeit #

you've the right, in specific situations, according the DSGVO, data, The we on basis yours compliance or in compliance one Vertrags automatisiert process, on itself or on a third in a gängigen, maschinenlesbaren stature surrender To let. Sofern tappt im dunkeln The direct Übertragung the data on a others Verantwortlichen desires, results this only, so far it technical machbar is. The fellowship keeps itself the right to, a fee for a such Übertragung To raise, particularly with frequent inquire and/or with of/ one application, The with respect to the To übertragenden Datenvolumens as überhöht counts. tappt im dunkeln must The fellowship timely to Vertragsende written informieren, if tappt im dunkeln beabsichtigen, this right To benefit. otherwise can The fellowship not for Löschung personenbezogener data Responsible made go.

§ 13 Verschlüsselung/ SSL- or. TLS #

These Page uses from Sicherheitsgründen and to that protection the Übertragung vertraulicher contents a SSL- or. TLS-Verschlüsselung. an encrypted link discern tappt im dunkeln on it, that The Adresszeile the Browsers of http :// on https :// changes and on the lock-symbol in yours Browserzeile. If the SSL- or. TLS-Verschlüsselung activate is, can The data, The tappt im dunkeln on us übermitteln, not of third mitgelesen go.

§ 14 Verschlüsselter Zahlungsverkehr on our Website #

exists to the Abschluss one kostenpflichtigen Vertrags a obligation, us your Zahlungsdaten (z.B. Kontonummer with Einzugsermächtigung) To übermitteln, go these data to Zahlungsabwicklung needed. The Zahlungsverkehr over The gängigen Zahlungsmittel (Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Lastschriftverfahren) results solely over a encrypted SSL- or. TLS-link. an encrypted link discern tappt im dunkeln on it, that The Adresszeile the Browsers of http :// on https :// changes and on the lock-symbol in yours Browserzeile.

with verschlüsselter communication can your Zahlungsdaten, The tappt im dunkeln on us übermitteln, not of third mitgelesen go.

§ 15 Widerspruch against Spam/ campaign-EMails #

The Use of in the welt the Impressumspflicht published Kontaktdaten to Übersendung of not particularly angeforderter advertisement and Informationsmaterialien becomes herewith widersprochen. The Betreiber the pages keep itself particularly rechtliche steps in the entrapment the unverlangten Zusendung of Werbeinformationen, about through Spam-E-Mails, thorough Faxe etc, to.

§ 16 Zahlungsanbieter #

+ PayPal: On ours Website afford we u.a. The payment via PayPal on. suppliers this Zahlungsdienstes is the PayPal (Europe) s.a.r.l. et Cie, s.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg (in the subesquent PayPal).

If tappt im dunkeln The payment via PayPal select, go The of them inputted Zahlungsdaten on PayPal übermittelt.

The Übermittlung yours data on PayPal results on basis of manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a DSGVO (compliance) and manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b DSGVO (processing to compliance one Vertrags). you've The Possibility, your compliance to Datenverarbeitung anytime To widerrufen. One Widerruf affects on The efficacy of in the past tense liegenden Datenverarbeitungsvorgängen not from.

+ Sofortüberweisung: On ours Website afford we u.a. The payment through Sofortüberweisung on. suppliers this Zahlungsdienstes is the immediate GmbH, Theresienhöhe 12, 80339 munich (in the subesquent immediate GmbH).

with Help the Verfahrens Sofortüberweisung receive we in Echtzeit a Zahlungsbestätigung from the immediate GmbH and can without delay with the compliance ours Verbindlichkeiten begin.

If tappt im dunkeln itself for Zahlungsart Sofortüberweisung decided having, übermitteln tappt im dunkeln The PIN and a gültige TAN on The immediate GmbH, with the these itself in your Online-Banking-account einloggen can. immediate GmbH screen to the Einloggen automatically Your Kontostand and lead The Überweisung on us with Help the of them übermittelten TAN through. subsequently übermittelt tappt im dunkeln us without delay a Transaktionsbestätigung. After the Einloggen go moreover your Umsätze, the Kreditrahmen the Dispokredits and the existence another accounts as well as its Bestände automatisiert examined.

next to the PIN and the TAN go too The of them inputted Zahlungsdaten as well as data To yours person on The immediate GmbH übermittelt. with whom data To yours person deals it itself circa to- and Surname, address, phone number(n), Email-address, IP-address and ggf. further to Zahlungsabwicklung erforderliche data. The Übermittlung this data is necessary, circa your idendity zweifelsfrei To to ascertain and Betrugsversuchen vorzubeugen.

The Übermittlung yours data on The immediate GmbH results on basis of manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a DSGVO (compliance) and manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b DSGVO (processing to compliance one Vertrags). you've The Possibility, your compliance to Datenverarbeitung anytime To widerrufen. One Widerruf affects on The efficacy of in the past tense liegenden Datenverarbeitungsvorgängen not from.

details to capitation with Sofortüberweisung entnehmen tappt im dunkeln subesquent left: www.immediate.de/datenschutz.html and www.klarna.com/immediate/.

§ 17 Beschwerderecht with the zuständigen Aufsichtsbehörde #

in the entrapment datenschutzrechtlicher Verstöße standing the affected one Beschwerderecht with the zuständigen Aufsichtsbehörde To. Zuständige Aufsichtsbehörde in datenschutzrechtlichen ask is the Landesdatenschutzbeauftragte the Bundeslandes, in the our venture its seat has. an list the Datenschutzbeauftragten as well as its Kontaktdaten can the subesquent Page entnommen go: www.bfdi.bunch.de/DE/Infothek/Anschriften_Links/anschriften_links-node.html.

§ 18 Vertragsabwicklung #

The of them to Inanspruchnahme ours were- and/or Dienstleistungsangebots übermittelten data go of us to that tack the Vertragsabwicklung processing and are insoweit necessary. Vertragsschluss and Vertragsabwicklung are without Bereitstellung yours data you don't say so.

Rechtsgrundlage for processing is manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b) DSGVO.

we delete The data with vollständiger Vertragsabwicklung, must thereby but the steuer- and handelsrechtlichen Aufbewahrungsfristen mind.

in the welt the Vertragsabwicklung give we your data on with the the Warenlieferung commissioner Transportunternehmen or on whom Finanzdienstleister moreover, so far The Disclosure to Warenauslieferung or To Bezahlzwecken necessary is.

Rechtsgrundlage for Disclosure the data is then manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b) DSGVO.

§ 19 Kundenkonto / Registrierungsfunktion #

if tappt im dunkeln over our Internetauftritt one Kundenkonto with us lay out, go we The of them with the registration inputted data (means bspw. Your names, your address or your E-Mail-address) solely for vorvertragliche Leistungen, for Vertragserfüllung or to that tack the Kundenpflege (bspw. circa them a Overview over your recent orders with us available To to put or circa them The undertow. Merkzettelfunktion offer to) raise and Save. at the same time Save we then The IP-address and the date yours registration together with Uhrzeit. an Disclosure this data on Dritte results naturally not.

in the welt moreover Anmeldevorgangs becomes your compliance in these processing eingeholt and on these Datenschutzerklärung verwiesen. The thereby of us erhobenen data go solely for Zurverfügungstellung the Kundenkontos uses.

so far tappt im dunkeln in these processing consent, is manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a) DSGVO Rechtsgrundlage for processing.

Sofern The Eröffnung the Kundenkontos additional too vorvertraglichen Maßnahmen or the Vertragserfüllung serves, so is Rechtsgrundlage for these processing too yet manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b) DSGVO.

The us erteilte compliance into Eröffnung and the Unterhalt the Kundenkontos can tappt im dunkeln according manner. 7 Abs. 3 DSGVO anytime with effect for future widerrufen. For this, must tappt im dunkeln us solely over Your Widerruf in Kenntnis settle.

The insoweit erhobenen data go deleted, once The processing not any more necessary is. Hierbei must we but steuer- and handelsrechtliche Aufbewahrungsfristen mind.

§ 20 Nutzerbeiträge, comments and Ratings #

we afford them on, on our Internetseiten ask, Answer, opinions or Ratings, nachfolgend only „Beiträge called, To release. Sofern tappt im dunkeln this tender in claim take, process and release we Your Posting, Date and Uhrzeit the Einreichung as well as the of them ggf. genutzte Pseudonym.

Rechtsgrundlage hierbei is manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a) DSGVO. The compliance can tappt im dunkeln according manner. 7 Abs. 3 DSGVO anytime with effect for future widerrufen. For this, must tappt im dunkeln us solely over Your Widerruf in Kenntnis settle.

moreover process We also your IP- and E-Mail-address. The IP-address becomes processing, because we one berechtigtes interest on it having, further steps einzuleiten or To support, sofern your Posting in rights Third eingreift and/or it otherwise How unlawful results.

Rechtsgrundlage is in this drop manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f) DSGVO. our berechtigtes interest lying in the ggf. notwendigen Rechtsverteidigung.

§ 21 subscripton of Posts #

Sofern tappt im dunkeln Posts on our Internetseiten release, afford we them additional on, etwaige Folgebeiträge Third To subscribe. circa tappt im dunkeln over these Folgebeiträge by E-Mail informieren to, process we your E-Mail-address.

Rechtsgrundlage hierbei is manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a) DSGVO. The compliance in this subscripton can tappt im dunkeln according manner. 7 Abs. 3 DSGVO anytime with effect for future widerrufen. For this, must tappt im dunkeln us solely over Your Widerruf in Kenntnis settle or whom in the jeweiligen E-Mail encompassed Abmeldelink activate.

§ 22 Bestellabwicklung in the Onlineshop and Kundenkonto #

we process The data ours customers in the welt the Bestellvorgänge in unserem Onlineshop, circa them The selection and the order the chosen Products and Leistungen, as well as its payment and delivery, or. process To make possible.

to the processed data belong Bestandsdaten, Kommunikationsdaten, Vertragsdaten, Zahlungsdaten and to the from the processing affected Personen belong our customers, Interessenten and other Geschäftspartner. The processing results to that object the Erbringung of Vertragsleistungen in the welt the Betriebs one Onlineshops, Abrechnung, extradition and the Kundenservices. Hierbei settle we Session Cookies for Speicherung the Cart-Inhalts and permanente Cookies for Speicherung the Login-status one.

The processing results on basis the manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b (Durchführung Bestellvorgänge) and c (legally erforderliche Archivierung) DSGVO. thereby are The as necessary marked indicated to Begründung and compliance the Vertrages necessary. The data offenbaren we to third only welt the extradition, capitation or in the welt the legal Erlaubnisse and Pflichten to Rechtsberatern and Behörden. The data go in Drittländern only then processing, if this to Vertragserfüllung necessary is (z.B. on Kundenwunsch with extradition or capitation).

User can optional one Nutzerkonto lay out, because tappt im dunkeln particularly your orders discover can. in the welt the registration, go The erforderlichen Pflichtangaben whom Users mitgeteilt. The Nutzerkonten are not public and can of Suchmaschinen not indexiert go. If User your Nutzerkonto gekündigt having, go its data in the Hinblick the Nutzerkonto deleted, vorbehaltlich its storage is from handels- or steuerrechtlichen Found entspr. manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. c DSGVO necessary. indicated in the Kundenkonto verbleiben up to which Löschung with anschließender Archivierung in the drop of/ one rechtlichen obligation. it behooves whom Users, your data with erfolgter resignation to the Vertragsende To secure.

in the welt the registration and erneuter Anmeldungen as well as Inanspruchnahme ours Onlinedienste, Save we The IP-address and the Time the jeweiligen Nutzerhandlung. The Speicherung results on basis ours berechtigten interests, as well as the User on protection to Missbrauch and sonstiger trespassers Use. an Disclosure this data on Dritte results fundamentally not, except she's to pursuit ours Ansprüche necessary or it exists to a legal obligation gem. manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. c DSGVO.

The Löschung results to term gesetzlicher Gewährleistungs- and vergleichbarer Pflichten, The Erforderlichkeit the storage the data becomes any three years überprüft; in the drop the legal Archivierungspflichten results The Löschung to its term (end handelsrechtlicher (6 years) and steuerrechtlicher (10 years) Aufbewahrungspflicht).

§ 23 cooperation with Auftragsverarbeitern and third #

Sofern we in the welt ours processing data to others Personen and venture (Auftragsverarbeitern or third) offenbaren, tappt im dunkeln on these übermitteln or them otherwise Access to The data granting, results this only on basis of/ one legal permit (z.B. if a Übermittlung the data on Dritte, How on Zahlungsdienstleister, gem. manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b DSGVO to Vertragserfüllung necessary is), tappt im dunkeln eingewilligt having, a rechtliche obligation this vorsieht or on basis ours berechtigten interests (z.B. at employment of Beauftragten, Webhostern, etc.).

Sofern we Dritte with the processing of data on basis one undertow. 'Auftragsverarbeitungsvertrages' beauftragen, happens this on basis the manner. 28 DSGVO.

§ 24 Übermittlungen in Drittländer #

Sofern we data in a Drittland (d.h. outside the Europäischen Union (EU) or the Europäischen Wirtschaftsraums (EWR)) process or this in the welt the Inanspruchnahme of Diensten Third or Offenlegung, or. Übermittlung of data on Dritte happens, results this only, if it to compliance ours (to)vertraglichen Pflichten, on basis yours compliance, because of of/ one rechtlichen obligation or on basis ours berechtigten interests happens. Vorbehaltlich gesetzlicher or vertraglicher Erlaubnisse, process or let we The data in a Drittland only at exist the particular Voraussetzungen the manner. 44 ff. DSGVO process. D.h. The processing results z.B. on basis besonderer warranties, How the official acknowledged Feststellung one the EU suitable Datenschutzniveaus (z.B. for USA by the 'Privacy Shield') or Beachtung official anerkannter spezieller vertraglicher commitments (so named 'Standardvertragsklauseln').

§ 25 Administration, Finanzbuchhaltung, Büroorganisation, Kontaktverwaltung #

we process data in the welt of Verwaltungsaufgaben as well as organization ours Betriebs, Finanzbuchhaltung and compliance the legal Pflichten, How z.B. the Archivierung. Hierbei process we the same data, The we in the welt the Erbringung ours vertraglichen Leistungen process. The Verarbeitungsgrundlagen are manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. c. DSGVO, manner. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. DSGVO. from the processing are customers, Interessenten, Geschäftspartner and Websitebesucher concerned. The object and our interest on the processing lying in the Administration, Finanzbuchhaltung, Büroorganisation, Archivierung of data, means releases The the Aufrechterhaltung ours Geschäftstätigkeiten, perception ours releases and Erbringung ours Leistungen serve. The Löschung the data in the Hinblick on vertragliche Leistungen and the vertragliche communication corresponds to whom, with this Verarbeitungstätigkeiten named indicated.

we offenbaren or übermitteln hierbei data on The Finanzverwaltung, advisers, How z.B., Steuerberater or public accountant as well as further Gebührenstellen and Zahlungsdienstleister.

moreover Save we on basis ours betriebswirtschaftlichen interests indicated To Lieferanten, Veranstaltern and other Geschäftspartnern, z.B. order späterer Kontaktaufnahme. These mehrheitlich unternehmensbezogenen data, Save we fundamentally lasting.

§03.1 - Jugendschutz

XProfan.Net guaranteeing, obliging itself and backing The Preservation the Jugendschutzes. that is for us particularly, that we adolescent through Moderation to unfit Inhalten protect.

On messages over jugendgefährdende contents react we bypassing, possible violations can simply by E-Mail on support@XProfan.net gemeldet go.

once tappt im dunkeln contents publish, must tappt im dunkeln ensuring, that these no jugendgefährdenden properties mitsich bring. Publish tappt im dunkeln only contents, also of Kindern seen go dürften.

On XProfan.Net is the Upload not-jugendfreier contents a - if possible - "strafbare Jugendgefährdung", The in each drop to Strafanzeige brought becomes.

XProfan.Net respect particularly through Moderation on severity observance of the Jugendschutzes so not-jugendfreie contents not zugänglich go.

an Gewähr hereon, that To keinem Time jugendgefährdende contents publishes go, can XProfan.Net reasonable not take but once us something auffällt or we of problematischen Inhalten Kenntnis obtain, Remove we these and to repay ggf. Strafanzeige and go a zivilrechtlichen claim because of jamming the Betriebes and Beseitigungsleistungen geltend make.

§04 - Urheberrecht - Grundsätze

On messages over Urheberrechtsverletzungen reacted XProfan.Net bypassing, possible violations can simply by E-Mail on support@XProfan.net gemeldet go.

tappt im dunkeln obliging itself, all services of XProfan.Net only so To use, that no rights dritter Personen beeinträchtigt or injure go. otherwise are tappt im dunkeln obliging XProfan.Net of sämtlichen hieraus entstehenden Ansprüchen Third freizustellen.

any data this Angebots enjoy urheberrechtlichen Schutz; the copy and the expression the whole Website are not permits. Each above hinausgehende edit, Vervielfältigung, currency and/or public rendition überschreitet The übliche Use and position a Verstoß against the Urheberrecht dar, the strafrechtlich chasing and is to that Schadenersatz obliging.

All other on our Websites zitierten trademark, Produktnamen and Firmennamen or. Logo are the Alleineigentum the jeweiligen owner. any rights vorbehalten.

any Messages, Graphics and the Layout the Website serve solely the information. The Use results on own risk. any data this Angebots enjoy urheberrechtlichen Schutz; the copy and the expression the whole Website are not permits. Each above hinausgehende edit, Vervielfältigung, currency and/or public rendition überschreitet The übliche Use and position a Verstoß against the Urheberrecht dar, the strafrechtlich chasing and is to that Schadenersatz obliging.

§04.1 - Urheberrecht expansion and contents Publish

once tappt im dunkeln contents on XProfan.Net publish, must tappt im dunkeln ensuring, that tappt im dunkeln The notwendigen Urheber- and other rights on whom Inhalten own and/ or reasonable are, these in the of them in-laws allocate benefit or. others The Use To gestatten.

tappt im dunkeln stay self-evident Inhaber etwaiger Urheberrechte and sonstiger rights on Inhalten, which tappt im dunkeln into Diensten or mithilfe the services übermitteln, take on or Show.

If tappt im dunkeln us materials einsenden, leave tappt im dunkeln XProfan.Net however one not ausschließliches, gebührenfreies, unwiderrufliches and entire under-lizenzierbares right one, these world-wide in beliebigen Media To use, To reproduzieren, To release, To translate and abgeleitete works from it to create, tappt im dunkeln To distribute and darzustellen, sofern tappt im dunkeln to the geltenden right to grant of/ one suitable license reasonable are.

tappt im dunkeln granting XProfan.Net the right on usage the Namens, whom tappt im dunkeln in link of these Inhalten tender. tappt im dunkeln explain and assure, that tappt im dunkeln in the occupancy the rights on whom of them eingereichten Inhalten are or. reasonable are, over The rights hieran To order, that The contents zutreffend are, that The Using the of them eingereichten contents not against these Bestimmung verstößt and hierdurch no natural or juristischen Personen geschädigt go, and that tappt im dunkeln XProfan.Net against all because of the of them eingereichten contents erhobenen Klagen schadlos hold.

XProfan.Net undertaking no blame or Liability for of them or third eingereichte contents, except XProfan.Net dealt nachweislich Fahrlässig or. having Kenntnis over problemeverursachende contents. report tappt im dunkeln problematische contents by E-Mail on support@XProfan.net so we tappt im dunkeln Remove can.

its prohibited, sexual contents, objectionably Language, contents with reference on illegal medicines or drugs as well as contents with Gewaltbezug To publish, and prohibited, contents To publish, The not "FSK12" are. Publish tappt im dunkeln means only contents, also as for children suitable count.

it exists no claim on Löschung not personenbezogener verfasster contents - with the registration as well as the publication declared the Verfasser the Urheber such not personenbezogener publizierten contents To his and the on XProfan.Net notwendiges usufruct übergeht such contents To publish and moderativ To process and To Remove.

it standing Verfassern of Inhalten spare, The own contents To Edit, To Remove etc, as long as so no Einschränkung for others subscriber ableitbar is or. wichtigere rights another unberührt stay.

§05 - Mart, Händerplattform - Grundsätze

XProfan.Net position for its subscriber a Mart ready, a Handels-platform, on the subscriber sowohl as merchant and/ or Buyer appear can circa negotiations durchzuführen and Transactions abzuschließen. XProfan.Net allows so Drittanbietern, whom undertow. Händlern, Own Products in the Mart To platzieren and others Teilnehmern to that buy anzubieten. These Products are always "Downloads", means software, The verpackungslos directly to the buy and to Zahlungseingang Downloaded go can.

so can "jeder" its Own software publish, bewerben and sell. likewise bid The platform a interface, around the own Shop on the own Websites To to assimilate/ To publish.

even if XProfan.Net as suppliers this platform so connected Transactions allows, is XProfan.Net weder the Buyer yet the vendors the Drittanbieter-item. XProfan.Net self becomes with Verkäufen of Drittanbieter-Artikeln not Vertragspartner, separate position as Dienstleister solely The platform available. accordingly becomes the treaty, the with Verkaufsabschluss this Drittanbieter-item zustande comes, solely between the Buyer and the merchant/ vendors the Drittanbieter-Artikels closed.

XProfan.Net is then not Vertragspartner and undertaking therefore no blame for jenen treaty. XProfan.Net is neither the representative the Verkäufers. The vendors is Responsible for selling the Products, jegliche complaint of pages the Käufers and all the rest of them affairs, The by the treaty between Buyer and vendors come into being.

there XProfan.Net the Buyer one sicheres Einkaufserlebnis make possible would like, bid XProfan.Net additional to the legal or vertraglichen Rechten in the Problemfall a Hilfestellung between Vertragsparteien below the platform on and can Käufern whom Zahlbetrag refund and merchant Lock.

likewise can Buyer itself on whom public part the platform turn, on Forum, circa Products To evaluate and To bewerben.

Auflistungen: orders, Payments, Shop-sales, Kaufbelege

you can Transactions, Kontostand and Kaufbelege anytime under "Mein-XProfan" abrufen and explain itself all right, Transactions, Kontostand and Kaufbelege online einzusehen and dispense on receptions by mail-Versand.

§05.1 - Mart: Buyer: Zahlungsmittel/ capitation/ prices

XProfan.Net supported for Mart/ Shop currently following Zahlungsmittel, The Käufern free of charge available stand:

1) Überweisung, hierbei überweist the customer self-employed on one deutsches account the XProfan.Net;
2) PayPal, sure pay for with the known Bezahlsystem too without registration possible:
2.1) capitation by Kreditkarte (master, Visa, Discover, American Express)
2.2) capitation by Lastschrift
2.3) capitation by PayPal-Credit
3) sofortueberweisung.de, pay for with the system of SOFORT.COM (Online-Überweisung with Pin + Tan).

Sofern XProfan.Net self the vendors and so Rechnungsteller is, count The subesquent terms. ought to XProfan.Net for merchant sell, count likewise The terms the XProfan.Net where of Händlern dargestellte Verkaufsbedingungen Ergänzungsweise To understand are.

ought to one of one merchant dargestellte Verkaufsbedingung not of/ one circumstance of XProfan.Net compatible his, then counts The Verkaufsbedingung the Händlers - except The Verkaufsbedingung the Händlers own no Rechtskraft and except The Verkaufsbedingung the Händlers disadvantaged customers unrechtmäßig.

is the Buyer one Unternehmer with seat in the EU outside Deutschlands and verfügt this over a gültige Ust.-IDNr., so ergeht The bill without Umsatzsteuerausweis. is because of of/ one incorrect Ust.-IDNr. The Delivery as steuerfrei treats been and beruhte this on of/ one incorrect indicated the Käufers, The the Auftragnehmer too with Beachtung the care one tidy Kaufmanns not discern could, so schuldet the Unternehmer The entgangene Steuer.

is the Buyer one Unternehmer with seat in not-EU-Ländern, so ergeht The bill without Umsatzsteuerausweis. to Inanspruchnahme of/ one umsatzsteuerbegünstigten Ausfuhrlieferung are The indicated the Käufers maßgebend. The Buyer must The personal Voraussetzungen this Steuerbefreiung erfüllen. possible follow up Personen (of Buyer abweichende Empfänger or. Weiterversendungen) can of XProfan.Net with respect to the Steuerbefreiung not berücksichtigt go.

bills of XProfan.Net are fundamentally - unless differently through XProfan.Net declared - in the ahead defrayable. Maßgebend is the date the Eingangs the capitation with XProfan.Net. in the Verzugsfalle is XProfan.Net reasonable, further Lieferungen and Leistungen zurückzuhalten.

any prices understand itself inklusive the legally prescribed value-added tax.

§05.1.1 - Mart: Buyer: offers/ Delivery/ Lieferbeschränkungen

The purchased item with the Possibility the as often as you like Herunterladens can immediate to Zahlungseingang Downloaded go. with whom Zahlungsvarianten PayPal and sofortueberweisung.de lasts it in the rule only 1-2 minutes, To The capitation electronic registered and the Zahlungseingang verzeichnet go could.

with others Zahlungsarten How z.B. with the klassischen Überweisung, can The Delivery first to tatsächlichem Zahlungseingang with XProfan.Net erfolgen. nevertheless bid them XProfan.Net too The Possibility with the klassischen Überweisung, that Buyer your capitation by E-Mail on payd@XProfan.net nachweisen and XProfan.Net can then decide, whether the Zahlungseingang already to tatsächlichem Zahlungseingang verbucht becomes. Verifizierte Members could hierbei bevorzugt treats go.

for any others item counts: any offers and Liefertermine are freibleibend and unverbindlich and it counts "Lieferung only as long as the supply reicht" - otherwise lying a schriftliche Verbindlichkeit to.

it consist Lieferbeschränkungen, z.B. in defined countries and it exists no duty to EU-weiten Belieferung. because not to exclude is, that defined countries defined Products not permit and the relating bestimmter Products in designed Ländern not allows his could, would we mere vorsorglich hereon allude, that in the Shop on XProfan.Net möglicherweise Lieferbeschränkungen count z.B. if one product not one bestimmtes country delivered go must.

XProfan.Net is reasonable, Teillieferungen vorzunehmen.

§05.2 - Mart: merchant

merchant/ vendors willigen one, that your Products whom Käufern To of XProfan.Net pretended terms offered go, which over The Terms erstrecken.

merchant are for your Products Responsible. XProfan.Net mediate of course The Kauftransaktion but customers buy with whom Händlern and it arise with buy one Kaufvertrag between customer and merchant. merchant voices therefore the publication yours merchant-Information To. These Information must merchant under "Mein-XProfan" > "Händlerdaten" deposit.

to put tappt im dunkeln means only Products one, The tappt im dunkeln too objectively sell would, Products The the tuned Price correspond to and possible fehlerfrei are. Test- and/ or Subskriptionsversionen of/ one software must in the Dateibeschreibung as such marked go.

already sold item can not as an afterthought blocked or removes go, if to no importent reason or. no arrangement between Käufern and merchant met watts, The Käufern tenable one Download on XProfan.Net not further allows. whether one product already acquired watts and How often, can on the "Meine-Produkte" Page eingesehen go below of "Mein-XProfan" as well as on place and place the File-Uploads in the corresponding Topic where the product uploaded watts.

The merchant/ vendors - and not XProfan.Net - are obliging, Lieferbeschränkungen To mind, unless, XProfan.Net is to Beachtung obliging and your is the Beachtung and observance of reasonable. These regulation clutching however only, if Buyer not disadvantaged go.

XProfan.Net is reasonable, already ausgezahltes Credit of Händlern zurückzufordern, if customers at least a purchased but not sustained item not further available set and is so a disadvantage entering.

One Credit for sales arise always to tatsächlichem Zahlungseingang on XProfan.Net. nevertheless bid XProfan.Net Käufern too The Possibility with the klassischen Überweisung, that Buyer your capitation by E-Mail on payd@XProfan.net nachweisen and XProfan.Net can then decide, whether the Zahlungseingang already to tatsächlichem Zahlungseingang verbucht becomes. In this case and if XProfan.Net whom Zahlungseingang of itself from as "gegeben" festlegt, has the merchant automatically too the suitable Credit. with whom Zahlungsvarianten PayPal and sofortueberweisung.de becomes the Credit immediate gutgeschrieben after the customer payd has - the process lasts seldom 1-2 minutes.

it consist Lieferbeschränkungen, z.B. in defined countries and it exists no duty to EU-weiten Belieferung. because not to exclude is, that defined countries defined Products not permit and the relating bestimmter Products in designed Ländern not allows his could, can tappt im dunkeln one product not take on, if it not all Ländern sales go might.

merchant go by E-Mail benachrichtigt, once one yours Products payd watts and a Kaufvertrag zustande coming. The Käuferinformationen are then on the Page "Shop-Umsätze" below "Mein-XProfan" abrufbar. The merchant are obliging, any of Gesetzeswegen vorgesehene Handlungen self-employed durchzuführen, The with one product-selling necessary are.

§05.2.1 - Mart: merchant: fees & Zahlungsartenfreiheit

XProfan.Net erhebt weder fees for Händer/ vendors yet for Buyer, weder for Teilnahme on the Forums and likewise not for Teilnahme on the Mart. the take on of Products is free and there's no Verkaufs-commission. The Teilnahme on the merchant-platform is so seen for all free.

XProfan.Net erhebt too no additional fees according to Zahlungsart, its means alike for which Zahlungsart itself Buyer decide because the Price remaining for Buyer same.

The cost The by a Zahlungsart entstehend - undertow. PSP (Payment service provider, z.B. PayPal etc.) -cost - carry however The merchant/ vendors. with the Zahlungsart "Überweisung" come into being Händlern no cost.

merchant can Käufern no Zahlungsart vorschreiben and a defined Zahlungsart not to Kaufbedingung make and not defined Zahlungsarten prefer and/ or talk up or quite vergüten.

The through PSP entstehenden cost go each merchant self-contained expelled and these through PSP entstehenden cost go - for drop that one customer "in one Rutsch" of several Händlern Products purchases - anteilig the product-Einzelpreise or. Verkaufssumme mathematical automatically among themselves zoned How in this example:

buy someone 1 product of 2 different Händlern - about one product for 10,00 and a product for 20,00 EUR and arise a PSP-fee i.H.v. 2,00 Euro z.B. through PayPal, then carry the a merchant The anteilige PSP-fee i.H.v. 0,67 EUR and the others i.H.v. 1,33 EUR, because the merchant with doppeltem turnover becomes whom double share PSP-fees carry.

Rundungsfehler weg if need be To Lasten the merchant.

§06 - Interfaces & automatisierter call

XProfan.Net bid "Schnittstellen" - too pictured on the Page http://XProfan.net/intl/de/services/interfaces/ - which in the running the Time as meaningfully behauptet having. sometimes circa something To make possible or To relieve, but mostly around the XProfan-community forth To bring and/ or on tappt im dunkeln attentive To make.

The Interfaces the XProfan.Net are abstracted and publishes as "XProfan-Stats": http://stats.XProfan.net.

These services are Specifically created for XProfan and some services z.B. for call through own Server or. of eigener Website z.B. by PHP and/ or call by the Own XProfan-application.

you're reasonable, The services "Slogan-Widget", "Links-Liste", "Quelltext-Akquirierer" and the below the Domain http://stats.XProfan.net/ aufgelisteten Abrufschnittstellen - too automatisiert - abzurufen, To get around and To bewerben under whom subesquent terms:

a) The abrufbaren contents and the Interfaces stand for not-commercial tack spare to Verfügung;

b) with monthly More as 1.000 external Abrufen or with commercially Use must one schriftliches Einverständnis by the XProfan.Net and a API-Key on display werden;

c) XProfan.Net can The Use this services individual Personen and/ or for single pages and/ or for single Applications failure, too automatisiert failure z.B. if one bestimmtes Quota overstepped is.

§06.1 - Supporter-Websites Grundsätze

Supporter-Websites are Websites, The a of XProfan.Net displayed Supporter-Link on the own Mainpage or on of/ one from the own Mainpage directly erreichbaren Unterseite under whom subesquent terms vorhalten: a) the Vorgabequelltext must thereby not changed go, except it's located a disputed velvet verification to vor; b) The Website must at least already 3 months existieren; c) The Website must one Imprint vorhalten and may velvet contents not against geltendes right verstoßen; d) the Anbringer the Supporter-Link must the Seitenbesitzer sein; e) The Supporter-Website must planmäßig at least 2 months to Anbringung the Supporter-left consist bleiben; f) the Link must not cache/ ausgeblendet (Fake-left) his.

XProfan.Net can for such Supporter-left Gratifikationen afford, these Gratifikationen are volunteer Leistungen them XProfan.Net nachkommt without Rechtsverbindlichkeit. The capitation etwaiger Gratifikationen, with them solely The erbrachte or The future faithful honoriert becomes, results always voluntarily with the Maßgabe, that too by a wiederholte capitation no legal claim the Empfängers weder the Grunde yet the Höhe to, weder for past tense yet for future begründet becomes. an Gratifikation in shape one Rabattes can't ausgezahlt go, separate tappt im dunkeln minimizes whom Kaufpreis one festgelegten Artikels.

Etwaige further Sonderzahlungen, Boni, deductibles, etc., with them too a erbrachte performance honoriert becomes, erfolgen always under the Vorbehalt the Widerrufs. The Widerruf can ausgeübt go, if one dringendes Erfordernis or. one importent reason vorliegt. The Empfänger etwaiger Gratifikationen obliging itself, about too much bezogene Gratifikationen on XProfan.Net zurückzuerstatten, z.B. if The Konditionen of Empfänger as an afterthought not erfüllt get or go.

§07 - Widerrufsrecht/ Widerrufsfolgen

you can your Vertragserklärung within 14 Meet without indicated of Found in Textform (z. B. letter, Fax, E-Mail) or - if them The thing to Fristablauf over-let becomes – through Rücksendung the thing widerrufen. ought to these 14 tägige terms not count, so counts The properly legal Mindestfrist.

The Widerruf can also by E-Mail and in Textform ausgeübt go. The Widerruf can also through Rücksendung the purchased merchandise ausgeübt go.

The legal terms to Ausübung the Widerrufs- or. Rückgaberecht begins not till Erhalt the instruction in Textform and the merchandise. The Buyer carry The Rücksendung then not, if The supplied merchandise not the ordered corresponds to.

The terms begins to Erhalt this instruction in Textform, however not till entry the merchandise at Empfänger (with the recurring Delivery gleichartiger weren't to the entry the first Teillieferung) and not till compliance ours Informationspflichten according item 246 § 2 in link with § 1 Abs. 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as ours Pflichten according § 312e Abs. 1 set 1 BGB in link with item 246 § 3 EGBGB.

to Preservation the terms sufficient The timely dispatch the Widerrufs or the thing. The Widerruf is To richten on: XProfan.Net, David Strutz, with seat in 12161 Berlin, Bundesallee 116.

in the entrapment one effective Widerrufs are The beiderseits conceived Leistungen back-To-granting and ggf. of us pulled Nutzungen (z. B. Zinsen) herauszugeben. can tappt im dunkeln us The conceived performance integrally or partly not or only in verschlechtertem status back-granting, must tappt im dunkeln us insoweit ggf. Wertersatz do.

with the Überlassung of things counts this not, if The Verschlechterung the thing solely on its check - How tappt im dunkeln them about in the Ladengeschäft possible been would - zurückzuführen is. in the Übrigen can tappt im dunkeln The duty to that Wertersatz for a by the bestimmungsgemäße Inanspruchnahme the thing arisen Verschlechterung avoid, because tappt im dunkeln The thing not How your property in use take and everything unterlassen, what its worth beeinträchtigt. Paketversandfähiges is on our menace zurückzusenden.

you've The cost the Rücksendung To carry, if The supplied merchandise the ordered corresponds to and if the Price the zurückzusendenden thing a amount of 19 Euro not übersteigt or if tappt im dunkeln with one higher Price the thing to that Time the Widerrufs not yet The Gegenleistung or a vertraglich vereinbarte Teilzahlung erbracht having.

Anderenfalls is the Rücksendung for tappt im dunkeln kostenfrei. not paketversandfähige things go with them abgeholt. commitments to Erstattung of Payments must within 30 Meet erfüllt go. The terms begins for tappt im dunkeln with the dispatch yours Widerrufserklärung, for us with its receptions.

the Widerrufsrecht exists not Fernabsatzverträgen to Delivery of were, The to Kundenspezifikation angefertigt go or eindeutig on The personal needs zugeschnitten are or The on reason yours Beschaffenheit not for a Rücksendung suitable are.

The Buyer haftet for a etwaigen Wertverlust the were only, if this Wertverlust on a to check the Beschaffenheit, properties and Funktionsweise the weren't notwendigen Use with the were zurückzuführen is. The consumer haftet in keinem drop for Wertverlust the were, if it of Unternehmer not over his Widerrufsrecht belehrt watts.

XProfan.Net isn't obliging, additional cost To to repay, if itself the Buyer particularly for a others manner the Delivery as The of XProfan.Net offered, most favorable Standardlieferung decided has.

The Buyer has only The unmittelbaren cost the Rücksendung the were To carry, unless, XProfan.Net has ready declared, these cost To carry or XProfan.Net has it unterlassen, whom Buyer above To teaching, that it these cost To carry has.

the Widerrufsrecht exists not or. erlischt with subesquent Verträgen, if the customer lest unverhältnismäßig disadvantaged becomes:

a) to Delivery of Computersoftware in a versiegelten package supplied get and the Versiegelung to the Delivery removes wurde;

b) to Delivery of were, The to Kundenspezifikation angefertigt go or eindeutig on The personal needs zugeschnitten sind;

§07.1 - Haftungsbeschränkung/ Gewährleistungsausschluss

XProfan.Net undertaking no Gewähr for Aktualität, Korrektheit, Vollständigkeit or quality the provided services and Information. XProfan.Net haftet with Vorsatz and grober Fahrlässigkeit to legal instructions or. with Kardinal-Pflichtverletzungen. Haftungsansprüche against XProfan.Net , which itself on Schäden materieller or ideeller manner relating, The by the Use or Nichtnutzung the dargebotenen Information or. by the Use fehlerhafter and unvollständiger Information causes get, are fundamentally impossible, sofern by the XProfan.Net no nachweislich vorsätzliches or roughly fahrlässiges Verschulden vorliegt. any offers are freibleibend and unverbindlich.

XProfan.Net keeps it itself particularly to, pieces the pages or the entire tender without gesonderte announcement To change, To complement, To delete or The publication zeitweise or for good einzustellen, insofern no erworbener claim exists.

with direct or indirekten Verweisen on stranger Websites ("Hyperlinks"), The outside the Verantwortungsbereiches the XProfan.Net lying, would a Haftungsverpflichtung solely in the drop in strength zurück, in the XProfan.Net from the Inhalten Kenntnis has and it your technical possible and reasonable would, The Use in the entrapment rechtswidriger contents To prevent. On The actually and future formation, The contents or The Urheberschaft the verlinkten/ verknüpften pages, has XProfan.Net no Einfluss. XProfan.Net distance itself of Inhalten verlinkter/ verknüpfter pages. this counts for all inside the own Internetangebotes gesetzten left and Verweise as well as for Fremdeinträge in from the XProfan.Net eingerichteten Gästebüchern, Diskussionsforen, Linkverzeichnissen, Mailing Lists and all others shape of Databases, on its Content externe Schreibzugriffe possible are.

for illegal, fehlerhafte or unvollständige contents and particularly for Schäden, from the Use or Nichtnutzung dargebotener Information come into being, haftet alone the suppliers the Page, on which verwiesen watts, not derjenige, the over left on The jeweilige publication solely verweist or. XProfan.Net only then, insofern on own pages illegal contents publishes and withal Kenntnis within of/ one Machbarkeitsfrist not removes get. XProfan.Net gives by Contact by E-Mail on support@XProfan.net each The Possibility each manner of trouble and illegalem Content To report, so XProfan.Net from the trouble undergo and contents removes. XProfan.Net holds itself ggf. schadlos on Verfasser illegaler contents.

§08 - efficacy

should Clauses this Terms of Use unwirksam or undurchführbar his or to Abschluss unwirksam or undurchführbar go, so becomes therefore The efficacy the Terms of Use in the Übrigen not touched.

on The place the unwirksamen or undurchführbaren Bestimmung should diejenige wirksame and durchführbare regulation zurück, its effects the commercial Zielsetzung possible near come, The with the unwirksamen beziehungsweise undurchführbaren Bestimmung chasing watts.

The vorstehende Bestimmung counts properly for drop, that the Terms of Use as lückenhaft erweisen. § 139 BGB impossible.

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